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Our Brands

At Advanced EARGEAR in Akron, OH, we strive to live up to our namesake. With over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, we’re experts when it comes to choosing advanced hearing aid brands. Not only do we stock brands that reproduce high-fidelity sound, we also look for brands with advanced features.


For example, our advanced hearing aids can now pair directly with your smartphone, tablet, or eBook reader via Bluetooth. You can make calls and listen to music and audiobooks without having to take out your hearing aid and put in headphones, in other words. This same technology even makes it possible (and simple) to stream audio from your television or laptop directly into your ears.

Independent of advanced audio features, other hearing aid brands are designed to help people cope with specialized forms of hearing loss. For example, a child who was born with a hearing impairment will need a different kind of hearing aid than an adult. Other considerations may include specialized devices for tinnitus sufferers, and Closed Caption phone systems devices that provide live captions for people who need to use the phone.

We have products to help the person who is just in need of a little help…and products for those persons living with profound hearing loss. From First Need to Cochlear Implant Products, our skilled team is trained to work with all levels technology and all types of hearing loss.

No matter what your specific hearing need is, come to Advanced EARGEAR today! We’ll help you find the specific brand you need to get yourself hearing again.

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