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About Us 

Meet Hearing Experts You Can Trust

If you’re experiencing hearing degradation or hearing loss, getting a properly-fitted hearing aid can be a life-changing experience. From being able to enjoy music and television again, to being able to safely navigate outdoor spaces, to participating in conversations with friends and loved ones, hearing is a sense that we too often take for granted. Imagine being able to get it back?


At Advanced EARGEAR in Akron, OH, we specialize in finding hearing aid solutions that work for you. We’ll conduct a hearing exam, find a brand of hearing aid that words for you, calibrate it until you can hear without discomfort, and then service and maintain it throughout the lifespan of your equipment.

When you come to our office, you’re more than just a name in a file. We take care to remember your name, your family, and the particulars of your hearing issue. That’s more than just courtesy – it means that each appointment can go deeper into the specific symptoms of your hearing loss, allowing us to provide you with a more functional and finely-calibrated device. After more than 60 years of combined experience there is no TEAM better qualified to select, fit and maintain your hearing loss and your hearing aids.

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